Three Amazing Coffee Shops in San Luis Obispo

We all need a coffee break now and again, and the residents of San Luis Obispo would definitely agree! Whether you are in need of a latte, an espresso, or just a regular cup of java, there are many options when looking for somewhere great to go.


When you would like a low-key place where you can really relax, head over to Kreuzberg Coffee Company for the perfect brew. Established in 2010 by Cal-Poly graduates, the establishment mimics the European Cafe culture where customers can work, talk, and play while enjoying their favorite hot beverage. The staff roasts their own beans each and every day to ensure the best taste possible in every cup that they serve. They believe that all things in life are great, and are even better when you have a cup of your favorite coffee in your hand!


With an environment that is welcoming and cozy, Scout Coffee is one of the most popular coffee shops in the neighborhood. The staff takes pride in sourcing the best coffee available, and they also offer a variety of teas, house-made sodas, milkshakes, almond milk and baked treats. With a variety of brews and roast levels, there is a coffee to suit every taste.


With a calm, relaxed atmosphere, you will always feel right at home when you visit Coastal Peaks Coffee. Serving Arabica coffees, there are more than 35 blends and varieties to choose from. Enjoy breakfast or lunch while enjoying your favorite roast. With special blends available as well as a Coffee Club that customers can enjoy the benefits of, Coastal Peaks Coffee remains a neighborhood favorite!

The Academy Chorro is a short distance from each of these coffee shops. For more information on relocating to the area, contact us today!