The Best Hikes in San Luis Obispo

There are many places in San Luis Obispo where you can take advantage of the beautiful California sunshine with a scenic hike. Here are two of the top-rated hikes in our area:

Bishop's Peak

Bishop's Peak is the highest mountain in the Morros range and gets its name from the shape of the peak, which resembles a bishop's hat. The 3.7-mile hike to the summit is popular with hikers and cyclists. The hike is somewhat challenging and takes about 2 hours round trip to complete, but the views from the top of Laguna Lake and downtown San Luis Obispo are well worth it. Bishop's Peak also has a 2.7-mile Felsman Loop trail, which goes around the base of the mountain. This is an easy trail which would be perfect for joggers. Whichever you choose, the views are sure to be amazing!

Valencia Peak

Valencia Peak is a little further from downtown San Luis Obispo, located in the Montaña de Oro State Park in Los Osos. The peak is the highest in the park, making the views from the top of the shoreline and other peaks absolutely stunning. The hike is 4.5 miles round trip, complete with many switchbacks to make the ascent easier. There are several picnic tables throughout the trail, including at the summit, making this a good place to go for a lunch hike. Along the way, you'll enjoy views of Morro Rock and the ocean. If you're in the mood for a more relaxing route, Bluff Trail is an easier trail that is perfect for walkers and bicyclists and offers more views of the coast.

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