Enjoy These Free Museums in San Luis Obispo

For many, taking the opportunity to enjoy arts and culture in your own hometown is often left by the wayside as priorities such as work, school or family take precedence. A great respite from the daily grind is often needed, and with incredible opportunities to explore local museums, there may be no better way to enjoy a quiet morning or afternoon. With three great cultural stops in San Luis Obispo to take in, and all free of charge, the hardest part may be deciding where to go first.


Highlighting artists who focus on a Central Coast theme, the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art offers visitors three public galleries filled with fine art and crafts, many by local artisans. Located in historic downtown San Luis Obispo, the museum offers a permanent collection that spotlights contemporary artists from California as well as a series of rotating exhibits that deal with mediums such as painting, sculpture, and photography.


Open since 1956, the History Center Museum makes its home in the historic Carnegie Library in downtown San Luis Obispo. Featuring a permanent collection as well an array of rotating works and archives, the History Center Museum showcases the storied past of one of California's oldest communities, from its roots steeped heavily in Spanish culture to its history of Ranchos after the Mexican-American War. In addition to the museum itself, there is also a bookstore and a research center.


A State Historical Landmark, The Dallidet Adobe and Garden is an extension of the History Center of San Luis Obispo County. Built in the 1850's, The Dallidet Adobe and Garden offers a unique look at the structure of the iconic adobe buildings of the 19th century found throughout California. Behind the adobe, visitors can also explore the Dallidet gardens which originated as the Old Mission Vineyard and is home to a variety of coastal native plants such as sycamore, elderberry and willow trees.

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