Give Back with Volunteer Opportunities Near San Luis Obispo

Taking the time to give back to neighborhood organizations is a great way to not only help others who are in need, it is also an opportunity to become more involved in the community. For many people, getting involved in a local organization not only strengthens the community, it also brings together like-minded residents with specific goals. For those looking to volunteer in San Luis Obispo, here are some ways to get involved:


Also known as 5CHC, the 5Cities Homeless Coalition is an organization with a mission to support both families and individuals to become not only self-sufficient but also active members of their community. With programs geared toward housing assistance, veteran support, and youth outreach, 5Cities Homeless Coalition works with members of the community and local businesses to help people restart their lives.


As the local branch for one of the country's most renowned organizations, Habitat for Humanity for San Luis Obispo County brings the community together to build homes for those who need a place to live. Providing viable living solutions has been the focus of this international organization for almost fifty years. Locally, the Habitat for Humanity for San Luis Obispo County relies on volunteers for an array of jobs including construction and home preservation. Additionally, volunteers are needed in their ReStore locations to help process donated materials and as well as assist with daily operations.


Nationally recognized as the Advancement Via Individual Determination, the AVID program helps local high school students find a path toward college. As these students are often the first in their family to go on to higher education, AVID helps to provide tutors to assist with all aspects of learning. With the goal to matriculate into a college program, AVID members work directly with tutors to gain knowledge in problem-solving and other areas to achieve competitive goals.

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