Rock Out at Boo Boo Records in San Luis Obispo

Boo Boo Records is an icon in its own right in San Luis Obispo. The record store continues to span generations because they know music is a great equalizer. The small shop's collection of vinyl and CDs rivals that of bigger venues and it does so with its own unique character.


Boo Boo Records came about almost accidentally. Ed Taylor and Glenn Forbes were on separate missions with their wives to make a fresh start in a smaller coastal town. The two couples ran into each other in 1974 at Pismo Beach. It turned out their wives knew each other from high school and both a friendship and business partnership were born. It was a slow and tenuous process of hard work, perseverancem and changes but eventually Boo Boo Records carved out a venerable place in the local vinyl scene and garnered a devoted fan base.


Boo Boo's is the kind of place you want to hang out in for a while. The crowded shop carries a huge variety of records in just about every genre. It is also the go-to destination for hard-to-find music you might be looking for. The narrow aisles of the shop along with the poster and album sleeve covered walls lend an old world charm to the atmosphere. The listening station area provides a medley of CDs to choose from and enjoy at leisure. The store continues the practice of "buy, sell, and trade" and will purchase collections you may want to sell or trade for another musical treasure.


Despite its tight quarters, Boo Boo Records expanded its inventory by carrying some very cool music books and fan memorabilia including t-shirts, art, posters and assorted music-related accessories. They occasionally host local bands and sell tickets for concerts and events taking place in the San Luis Obispo area. Several giveaways and contests are presented throughout the year. The staff is known for its no pressure and knowledgeable service. Boo Boo Records was voted one of the Best Record Stores in the U.S.A. by Rolling Stones Magazine. You can find them at 978 Monterey Street.

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