The 3 Best Sweet Shops In San Luis Obispo

Every once in a while, we get a craving for something sweet. Whether you're burning the midnight oil to study for a test, or looking for a quick snack, San Luis Obispo has the perfect, tasty destinations for you. Keep on reading to discover three amazing locations that will satisfy your sweet tooth.


If you're looking for bulk candy, SLO Sweets is the place to go. In addition to bulk candy, you can also find international candies, nostalgic toys, gelato, sodas, and much more. SLO Sweets recently changed its name from Powell's Sweet Shoppe, but it is still the go-to location in San Luis Obispo for bulk treats and delicious gelato.


Rocket Fizz is known for its novelty sodas (they are currently selling KISS sodas), but they also sell candy. Entering into the shop will transport you back in time to when Elvis was king and sodas only cost a nickel. If you're looking for a shop where you can satisfy your sweet tooth and have a fun experience while shopping, Rocket Fizz is the place to go.


Just around the block from The Academy Chorro is SloDoCo Donuts. This is the perfect place to grab a sweet treat at any hour of the day. Want to know why? It's open 24 hours! With a huge assortment of donuts cooked fresh every day, there's no way you can pass up this opportunity. The shop also hosts a variety of events throughout the year and live music acts.

San Luis Obispo has so much to offer, and the above sweet shops are just the start. When you call The Academy Chorro your home, the possibilities of adventure are unlimited. Please contact us for more information on our beautiful community.