2 Great First Date Ideas in San Luis Obispo, CA

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to find someone new to date. Your next love interest could be as close as an app on your smartphone. Found your match? Now comes the hard part: figuring out what to do on your first date. Thankfully, the city has you covered.

Swipe right on these two great first date ideas in San Luis Obispo.


Dinner and a movie is such a dating cliché, that is, unless that movie is playing at a drive-in theatre. Treat the object of your affection to a movie at the Sunset Drive-In Theatre, one of the last theatres of its kind in the country. And while going to a drive-in sounds about as vintage as an Instagram filter, the movies on deck at the Sunset Drive-In are actually brand new releases, like Mission Impossible: FalloutAntman & The Wasp and The Incredibles II. The Sunset also offers clean bathrooms, a concession stand, and inexpensive radio rentals – just in case your car radio isn't able to pick up the signal.


Lunch is always a safe bet when you're meeting someone for the first time. The stakes are low, it's less pressure than dinner and you're in a public place. Kick your lunch plans up a notch and take your date on a walking food tour of San Luis Obispo. Created by food and drink connoisseur Angee Johnson, A Taste of SLO gives you and your date the opportunity to walk and taste your way through downtown San Luis Obispo. The tour starts at 1PM sharp and lasts approximately 3 hours. Expect to walk about two miles over the course of the tour, so wear comfortable shoes. And be sure to bring your appetite, you will be stopping in at five of the best restaurants San Luis Obispo has to offer. Get your tickets here.

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