The Best Vintage Shops in San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo offers some excellent opportunities for the discerning vintage shopper; dig right in to discover the amazing finds that await at these fun shops.


As an attractive storefront on Monterey Street, Ruby Rose presents the gorgeous findings of adventurers who travel the West Coast in their Airstream trailer. The apparel and housewares they bring back are simply drool-worthy.

You can visit this location just to take some inspiration from their imaginative displays; the mannequins' outfits are often grouped together by color scheme, typically placed near "on-theme" vintage options to create an appealing sense of place. Take a cue from their creative fashion choices to refine your fashion sensibilities.

The outfit choices never bore, at Ruby Rose. Pieces are matched from different eras to transcend a particular year, with results that are simply stunning.


Appendage and Bough is a source for casual and serious record collectors alike, with a changing inventory of vintage vinyl. The store also presents an eclectic combination of apparel, mercantile goods, and handmade items.

The owners of this store craft furniture from reclaimed wood; if your budget permits, you can have a custom-built item that is friendly to the environment. The furnishings are built to last, made with old-fashioned craftsmanship.

The space also offers intermittent events of note, including art shows and intimate concerts featuring local musicians. Their calendar often adds new events. Stay a while and enjoy the welcoming, unique vibe.

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