The Best Pie Shops in San Luis Obispo

As summer turns into fall, many people's focus turns away from light summer fare to more hearty autumnal favorites including soups, stews and pasta dishes. When it comes to fall desserts, however, pie is the star of the show. Fresh fall fruits make the perfect pie ingredients and serve as the ultimate comfort food for brisk, cool nights. For those looking to satisfy those pie cravings in San Luis Obispo, there are some great spots to enjoy a slice of this fall favorite.


Part of the Apple Farm Inn, the Apple Farm Bakery is the perfect location to enjoy some pie in a bucolic setting. Open year round, this bakery serves up mouth-watering treats including cookies, pastries, and cakes. In the fall, however, their deep dish pies take center stage with an array of flavors including apple streusel, caramel apple, rhubarb, and pumpkin.


Open since 1958, the Madonna Inn has established itself as an iconic landmark along California's Central Coast. One of the inn's dining options is the Copper Cafe, a festive eatery with hand-painted murals and old world charm. Known for its elaborate cakes, the Copper Cafe has also made a name for itself with their housemade pies. Baked daily, the cafe's pies come in seasonal flavors such as caramel-Dutch apple and boysenberry as well as year-round favorites including pecan and banana cream.


One of San Luis Obispo's most celebrated events happens every Thursday evening at the SLO Farmers' Market. Here, residents and visitors can stroll through the numerous stalls to sample and buy the freshest produce and prepared foods around. One of the most popular sweet spots happens to be at Marcie's Pies. Baked fresh every day, these pies are worth the trip to the market to taste flavors such as the apple rum raisin, tri-berry and pumpkin pecan.

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