Enjoy a Sweet Treat at SloDoCo Donuts

When you walk through the doors of SloDoCo, prepare to be overwhelmed. The shop displays tray after tray of colorful, smoothly-glazed, artfully-topped donuts in more varieties than is reasonably possible to try in a single semester. (If you decide to make The Academy Chorro your home for the next few years, you might stand a chance at sampling them all.) If you’re wondering where you should treat yourself next, here are some reasons why SloDoCo should be your pick.

The Options

In total, SloDoCo offers over 80 different varieties of donuts and pastries, including a selection of maple cake, vegan, and devil’s food cake donuts as well as some impossibly decadent bear claws and pillows. Where should you start? If you eat meat, we recommend the maple bacon bar. If you don’t, try the cookie dough pillow or the beautiful, striped Galaxy Donut. For a classic indulgence, try the glazed donut.

The Custom Donuts

When was the last time you ate a donut with your name on it? We’re guessing never. So treat yourself or a friend to a customized donut on the next special occasion. The staff at SloDoCo will create any frosting color and write phrases of your choosing in icing on as many donuts as you want.

The Events

At least a couple times a month, SloDoCo lends its space to up-and-coming SLO-area musicians, so hanging out there is a great way to get to know the local music scene. The shop also hosts an open mic night every second Saturday that welcomes comedians, poets, singers, and performers of all stripes. Slots are 10 minutes long and walk-in sign ups are no problem so long as they still have spaces available. Gamers will love the Super Smash Brothers tournaments held on the last Friday of every month.

The Hours

It’s 4 AM and you just finished your final paper for the last class of the semester: Where are you going to celebrate? SloDoCo is quite literally never closed, so it’s a fantastic place to kick it (or study) late at night after other places shut their doors. If you start feeling sleepy, its delicious locally-roasted coffee will restore you to full capacity.

When you live at The Academy Chorro, you’re a three-minute walk to SloDoCo Donuts. To situate yourself among this and other exciting San Luis Obispo hotspots, please contact us to take a tour of our stylish, comfortable apartments today.