Spend Your Spring Break in San Luis Obispo

Students residing at the Academy Chorro Apartments in SLO, California are surrounded by the natural beauty of Northern California’s landscape, fresh air, and beaches. The big plus is the amazing variety of social activities and special events the gorgeous little town has to offer.

Even though Cal Poly students aren’t waiting for the last snow to melt, they are anxious to take a break from their classes, exams, and schedules and head out for some fun and relaxation. There are a variety of things students can do during their break that’s just a little out of the box.


A student’s life in San Luis Obispo is never boring. There’s always something to do when you live only steps away from school as the residents of the Academy Chorro SLO Apartments can tell you. There’s the calendar of events filled with the usual amazing festivals, concerts, and theatrical offerings with entertainment and fun for everyone. And then there’s Cal Poly Technical College which has a very interesting proposition for students seeking an alternative to the usual spring break activities.

In a diverse academic community such as SLO, there’s sure to be those who welcome the opportunity to give something back. In San Luis Obispo, you have people from all over the world coming together to enjoy rock music, the blues, jazz, pop, folk, and classical music all within mere minutes of their residence. What may surprise you, is the program offered by Cal Poly which takes the “community” concept to the next level.


Alternative Breaks are designed to raise the self-awareness of students by supplementing their academic experience with the university and demonstrating Cal Poly’s plan to make a meaningful impression outside of the campus community. Students can look forward to learning about the social issues of other cultures which put their own lives in perspective. Volunteer excursions give the students at Cal Poly the opportunity to make a positive contribution to less fortunate communities while representing their school, city, and country.

The Center for Service in Action hosts a number of Alternative Break trips during the year, providing students with the satisfaction of helping others. Domestic service trips take place every winter and during spring breaks. Interested students who want to participate in global service can do so during summer vacation. A typical day may include:

Humanitarian Aid Tutoring disadvantaged children Homeless shelter and food bank support Disaster relief Habitat restoration


The Academy Chorro welcomes you to an exceptional lifestyle. Interested in calling our community home? Contact us today with any questions or comments you have.