Treat Yourself to Amazing Desserts in SLO

Do you know where your best local bakery is? If you don't, you should throw on your shoes, turn off Netflix and hit your local bakery for breakfast on the way to work or class. There are many reasons to choose a local bakery over a chain grocery store. There is nothing better than fresh baked bread and pastries. That warm, comforting smell of fresh bread, the sweet buttercream on a beautiful cupcake and the warm, friendly staff makes shopping local worth the trip every time.

If you're a resident at The Academy Chorro, here are three of the local bakeries within walking distance of home.


Insomnia Cookies have a limited selection, but they're perfect for a study date, class treat, or midnight craving. If you've been up all night studying and you need a quick pick-me-up combined with the comfort of cookies and milk, Insomnia Cookies has got you covered. They deliver cookies, brownies, cookie cakes, ice cream and of course milk from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. every weekday and from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. on weekends. With 12 different types of cookies, ice cream pints, ice cream, and birthday celebration packages, they have a little something for everyone to sample.


SloDoCo Donuts is a donut shop that provides a variety of interesting flavors, scrumptious pastries, and hot coffee 24 hours a day to satisfy your sweet tooth. They're famous for their special flavors which regulars drive from miles around to purchase. The friendly staff is mostly made up of college students who are experts in their wares and always ready to suggest something if you can't decide. If you're a first timer, the Nutella pillows, the marshmallow galaxy donuts, and the chai cream cheese pillow all come very highly recommended.


Now that you've had cookies at midnight and donuts and coffee for breakfast, how about a bakery that provides a more extensive selection? Breaking Bread Company is a family bakery owned by baker Mark Evans and his wife, Glenna. If you're still looking for something sweet, you must try the morning buns which come in cinnamon sugar, orange, or the fantastic bacon and brown sugar flavor. If you're ready for something savory, they have breakfast burritos and breakfast quiche as well as an excellent selection of sandwiches, salads, and soups for lunch.

If you're looking for easy access to these bakeries as well as a large variety of other San Louis Obispo treats, consider The Academy Chorro as your new home. Contact us today for more information.