Have You Tried Knockerball Yet?

If you haven't already heard, Knockerball is a new sensation that's landed in the area and you can play just minutes from SLO apartments!


You've probably seen videos of Knockerball or a similar game before, you just didn't know the name of it. When playing Knockerball, you'll wear a giant bubble that fits around your body, allowing you to bump into other Knockerballers, bounce on the ground or do front flips without any pain. The bubble goes all the way around your arms and over your head so that your legs are the only thing outside of it.


Knockerballers can play almost any game! Soccer, King of the Ring and Last One Standing are some of the most commonly played. Soccer involves a giant inflatable ball and bumping past defenders, but otherwise is similar to the normal game. For King of the Ring, players try to knock each other out of a giant circle while attempting to be the only one left on the inside. Last One Standing is what it sounds like: try to knock everyone down to the ground and remain the last one on your feet!


Grab some friends and get in the action just minutes from apartments near SLO! Each month, Knockerball hosts public events that you can check out.

If you book in advance, you'll pay $8 for one hour or $15 to play all day. Day of event prices are $10 for an hour and $20 for all day. Check out their website for more details.

Treat yourself to a day of bouncing, flipping and jumping before school is in full swing! If you are looking for a luxury apartment community in San Luis Obispo, contact us today to learn more about The Academy Chorro.