San Luis Obispo's Best New Restaurants

This year, we've seen over a dozen new eateries, coffee shops, and grocery stores open up around San Luis Obispo. If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the great options, we're here to help you narrow it down. Here's a list of three of our favorite recently opened restaurants near SLO apartments.


If you're looking for an awesome lunch spot that's super close to our apartments near Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Ike's is the place. With 56 locations throughout California, Ike's has mastered its craft since its 2007 opening in San Francisco. Ike's has been featured in the New York Times, highlighting its unique sandwich titles and unmatched popularity at the original San Francisco location. With 183 different sandwiches, you'll definitely find something to love.


This new "farm to fork" burger joint was created by three brothers from Long Island. The SLO location is the only Burger Village on the west coast and it's been a huge hit since its opening earlier this year, boasting four stars on Google reviews. According to their website, the brothers focus on serving organic ingredients grown by local farmers including cage-free chicken, grass-fed beef, bison, and elk. Burger Village also offers gluten-free and vegan options as well as their popular milkshakes for dessert!


Rene and Laura Suarez opened this family owned and operated bakery at the end of June. Located in downtown Nipomo, Delicias De Mi Tierra is a bit of a drive from our apartments, but the authentic treats are worth it. Rene grew up helping at his father's bakery in Mexico, and many of the dishes at this new restaurant come straight from his father's kitchen, while others are Rene's inventions. Popular menu items at the self-serve bakery include cookies and sweet rolls. Everything on the menu is $2 or less!

These are just a few of the quality restaurants near our luxury community at The Academy Chorro. [Contact us today'( to make these SLO apartments your new home.