Eco-Friendly Shops in San Luis Obispo

With all of the incredible natural beauty surrounding San Luis Obispo, it's easy to see why more and more businesses are working to preserve everything this area has to offer. There are some fantastic shops close to The Academy Chorro that have a mission to promote sustainability efforts. Here are some spots to try near these SLO apartments:


With its beginnings dating back to the mid-1970s, the SLO Food Co-Op was at the forefront of sustainability within San Luis Obispo. With a focus on healthy food options, the SLO Food Co-Op is a membership-based grocery store that is open to the public. Here, customers can shop for an array of organic and locally-grown foods knowing that an emphasis has been placed on environmentally-friendly packaging. In addition, this store also hosts regular events such as the Beeswax Making Class and Support One Cool Earth by Shopping Zero Waste.


Open since 2009, HumanKind Fair Trade was established as a way to bring the creative works of skilled craftspeople to San Luis Obispo. Operating as a non-profit organization, HumanKind Fair Trade sells gifts, artwork and home goods by artisans from over 40 countries. By adhering to the strict standards of the Fair Trade Principles, this store helps to create economic opportunities for farmers and artists around the globe.


Established as the first store in California to offer all bamboo products, Bambu Batu has been in business since 2006. Self-described as an "eco-boutique", Bambu Batu has a wide variety of bamboo goods throughout its store. With everything from clothing to home decor, customers can enjoy all of the ecological advantages that bamboo offers while purchasing high-quality items such as shirts, sheets and kitchenware.

Providing a first-class living community with access to great eco-friendly businesses like these, The Academy Chorro is the ideal place to call home in San Luis Obispo. Please contact us to learn more about us and to schedule a tour.