The Best Burger Joints in San Luis Obispo

There is nothing like the satisfaction of enjoying a really good burger. From the first bite to the last, a well-made burger can not only feed your hunger, it can also feed your soul. Whether you are all about the toppings or are simply a burger purist, San Luis Obispo offers something for everyone craving a burger fix. Here are a few worth trying:


Located in historic downtown San Luis Obispo, Mother's Tavern has established itself as one of the "go to" burger spots in the area. Their handcrafted burgers are served on locally baked buns and are offered with creative toppings and even more creative names including the Cali Love (fried egg, guacamole and jalapenos) and the Goddess (feta and red pepper hummus).


Named after a former Firestone Tire storefront, the Firestone Grill is a downtown staple serving not only famous BBQ, but also delicious burger options. Lines form often at this hotspot and Firestone offers three different seating areas to accommodate the throng. The burger menu doesn't vary too far from the conventional, although they do offer a couple of out of the box options such as the spicy Hal-a-Peño burger.


Though they have many locations around the country, Eureka! is anything but a typical chain restaurant. Housed in an industrial-style building in downtown San Luis Obispo, Eureka! has perfected the art of providing fine food with locally-sourced ingredients in a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere. Their burger menu is innovative, offering items such as the Bone Marrow Burger and the Short Rib Kimchi Burger and also includes a creative vegetarian option with their Veggie Beet Burger.


With their fifties-inspired theme, the Cool Cat Cafe is "too cool for school" with their retro burger menu. Burgers such as the Big Bopper and the La Bamba are all made with their special blend of spices and served in a fun diner-style atmosphere. This throwback restaurant is perfect for a quick bite or when meeting up with a group of friends.

These are just a few of the great burger joints in San Luis Obispo. If you would like to explore more of what this vibrant area has to offer, please contact us to get more information.