Practice Archery in San Luis Obispo

While bows and arrows have been used for hunting and self-defense for thousands of years, now they offer fun and recreation to those interested. Archery is a popular sport that tests your concentration, strength, and patience. So, if you're looking to channel your inner Robin Hood, check out these local destinations where you can learn and practice this fun and historic game.


Central Coast Archery is a well-known archery store in the San Luis Obispo area. Whether you're are a beginner with no knowledge of archery or a seasoned professional who is looking to upgrade your equipment, they have you covered. There is an indoor range with plenty of space for you to practice and the fees are affordable for any budget. All ages are welcome, and classes are available for groups or individuals. If you are looking for new equipment, they have both compound and traditional bows, safety equipment, quivers, arrows, and other miscellaneous products for sale. A large variety of targets are also available for purchase. Are you looking for a unique birthday party experience? Central Coast Archery offers a party space and a chance to rent out the range.


If you are interested in practicing outdoors, the San Louis Obispo Sportsmen's Association is where you will want to be. The ranges here are clean, friendly, and perfect for all skill levels. A 14-target walking course is open every 3rd Sunday of the month for those who would like a bit more challenge. Besides archery, this place offers hunter safety classes, gun ranges, and other activities such as cowboy action shooting and trap and skeet.

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