The Best Apple Orchards in San Luis Obispo

Biting into a delicious, juicy apple is a wonderful part of enjoying the fall season when most apples are at their peak. Going to an enchanting apple orchard with friends and searching for the perfect apples is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. Fall is the best time to pick apples, because the weather is cooler and you're surrounded by trees with gorgeous red, yellow, and orange leaves gently falling to the ground. If you're searching for a pick-your-own apple orchard in San Luis Obispo, here are two of the area's best, filled with beautiful apples and fun experiences to partake in.


There are many tasty things you can pick at SLO Creek Farms, including: apples, vegetables, herbs, pumpkins, and even beautiful flowers. Now is the time to go there if you want to pick apples because the season ends at the end of November. This apple orchard is a certified, organic apple orchard on 44 gorgeous acres of land, and they also offer fun events and activities, such as "Night Tractor Hay Rides" and "Campfire Under the Stars." For more information on this awesome orchard, simply click here.


Gopher Glen Organic Apple Farm has many different varieties of apples to choose from, as well as berries, peaches, and pumpkins. If you're thirsty and want some fresh apple cider or even some hard cider, this amazing orchard is the perfect place to check out.

Picking your own scrumptious apples while enjoying a cool, beautiful fall day is fun for everyone! SLO Creek Farms and Gopher Glen Organic Apple Farm are the best places to go in San Luis Obispo for amazing apples and a great time! If you're looking for amazing, reasonably priced apartments in the area, contact us today to learn more.

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