Satisfy Your Cookie Craving in San Luis Obispo

'Tis the season for sweets, and nothing hits the spot like a cookie. If you're busy and don't have time to bake, don't worry because there are several bakeries close by where you can satisfy your sweet tooth.


The cookies at Treat SLO are made to order, and they are worth it. Their signature Poly Monster is sure to hit the spot with oats, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and M&Ms. You'll also find Brown Butter Chocolate Chip, Confetti, and gluten-free macaroons on the menu. If you can't decide, no problem. Just order an assorted cookie box and let owner Lan Alcorn make the tough decisions. The best part about Treat SLO is they give back a portion of each sale to local community organizations.


If you mean business, head over to Cowboy Cookie for one of their 5-inch cookies. With catchy names like Cow Chip, Wrangler, and Annie Oatley, just reading through the menu is fun. Those with lighter appetites can opt for a smaller, 3-inch "Pony" version of the classics. Cookies and ice cream make the perfect pairing, and Cowboy has both. They're open later on Friday nights so that you can satisfy your cookie craving anytime.


With four locations in SLO, BlackHorse is there to satisfy your caffeine and sugar needs. Once you decide on either a chocolate chip cookie or a peanut butter cookie (or both!), you'll have to choose which signature espresso drink to pair with it. The Generra is made with orange peel and chocolate, while the Caramello features their house-made caramel. For cookie lovers who like to save money, check out BlackHorse Coffee's Silver Card, a prepaid card that gives you 10% off your purchases.

The Academy Chorro is in a convenient location, close to several bakeries and restaurants. You'll love making us your new home. For more information about our community, please contact us.