Where You Can Find The Best San Luis Obispo Barbecue

Everybody enjoys a good meal, and when it's slow cooked and so tender that it almost melts then it's even better. The area surrounding our SLO apartments has some of the absolute best places to get that melt-able, tender food.


Offering a homemade sauce, Firestone Grill is the spot to be when you're craving a good meaty sandwich. Known for fast service and efficient staff no matter how slammed the place is, you'll be leaving with a full stomach and a happy memory. To make it better, you can sit underneath trees for shade on a hot day. The establishment has been known to play music and offer a great experience quite often.


When you're looking for a quick bite but don't have a ton of time, walk up to the window at Old San Luis Barbecue Company and order away. They offer indoor and outdoor seating, but their ordering system allows you to easily get your food and take it anywhere to enjoy. Open late into the night, the restaurant is known for flavorful food and the delicious smell of their cooking that beckons you to show up.


Mo's Smokehouse BBQ is known for the BBQ themed photos everywhere. Adored for their pulled pork and family friendly environment, the restaurant offers large portions and a calming vibe for customers. You'll love their remodeled set up that provides you with a modern take on a spacious place to enjoy your meal.

It's important to know those 'best' craved places in a town. When you find yourself looking for a good place to fill your craving for that delicious BBQ flavor, after unpacking in your new SLO apartment, contact us. We'll give you a list of best tasting, best serviced and best priced places to enjoy a meal at.